How To Get Beautiful Skin Being A Busy Mom In Just A Few Steps

Often in our busy schedule, we miss out on the perks of having beautiful skin. But everybody deserves to have the glow they have always dreamed of. And don’t worry, ladies! It is not that difficult to achieve that idle glass skin. 

Clear skin is tempting, but it requires a lot of efforts, and consistency. You just have to follow a few easy steps and take out fifteen minutes out from your daily schedule or spend hours in beauty parlors with the artists like the budget makeup artist in Delhi.

To help you with this, we made a step by step skin care guide for you busy ladies, to attain the pearly skin in just a few steps. But don’t forget to do it twice a day and to be consistent with the beauty regime; as it the only way you can achieve that idle skin.



The first and the foremost thing is to start by washing your face with an oil cleanser. You need to de-grease your face, and this will help you to get rid of the excess oil from the face. 

Most of the moms wash their face with a mild face wash presuming that it can clear off the dirt and the dead cells from the skin, which is actually wrong. Everybody should start with an oil based face wash then use a foam cleanser to get rid of the dirt lying deep down inside the skin. 



The next step is to wash the face with a foam cleanser, it helps to whisk away all the impurities in the skin, it also removes the extra sebum and old makeup remains from the face. We request you not to skip this step as it might seem time consuming but it plays a very important role in deep cleansing. 



Now to maintain the pH value of the skin, you must start with the moisturization of the skin. When we talk about toners, toners help to refresh the face and helps your skin to attain a softness. The moisturization helps to heal the skin from the inside and provides the nutrient your skin requires.



The essence is a hydrating solution which has a lot of nutrients that can help your skin to achieve the healthy and glass skim you are looking for. It provides a very fine amount of vitamins to the skin and seeps deep down in the skin because of the watery consistency. The best part is that it doesn’t clog the skin unlike the thick moisturizers. 



Eye creams are a foreign or new concept for many people, as this cream is not widely available in most of the places. It used to hydrate the area under the eyes, as they tend to get wrinkles or dark circles very easily. 

This cream can be a secret weapon for all the moms who want to maintain that beauty for a long period of time. It is applied with a ring finger on the sensitive area under the eyes very carefully. It can help you a lot to attain the young skin.  



If you are wondering why do we have so many steps of moisturization, then let us ask you a question. Do you think that being in the sun, amidst all the fine dust and pollution improves your skin condition? That’s why we are going through such a detailed process of cleansing and moisturizing. So moisturize your skin with a coin sized amount of moisturizer and apply it on your face in a circular motion. 

Bonus Point- Don’t forget to apply sunscreen every time you go out in the sun or to work.

Hope this blog will help you, mommies, to achieve that beautiful glow!