How To Choose The Best Christmas Lights For Your Yard

Holiday lights evoke a certain kind of warmth. This is why for many, decorating their yard with a christmas lights installation is a tradition that must be kept on a yearly basis. But if you’re fairly new to this endeavor, you might be overwhelmed as to how to choose the best light for your own garden.

In this article, we’re helping you out by giving eight must-know tips about this topic.

Know your light options. You have two main options — LED lights and incandescent lights. The former, though initially pricier, are more energy-efficient. They also burn cool in contrast to the latter, which can heat up and become fire hazards in the long run. Nonetheless, there are still those who prefer incandescent because of their vintage flair.

Settle with the color scheme you want. Color is also a huge factor you need to consider when it comes to Christmas lights installation. Whether you’re opting for a cool kind of white (or a warm one) or a multi-colored holiday lights set, you have to settle down with a style. And make sure it complements the look of your home.

Measure, measure, measure. Taking proper measurements is a key step in making sure you have enough holiday lights to cover the areas you want to decorate. Check the length of your string in the package first — you don’t want to start putting up a too-short or too-long one and then only address it in the middle of the installation process.

Be mindful of bulb spacing. Take note that larger bulbs have larger spacings in between. This type of holiday light is a better fit for slender posts and tree branches. For lining roofs and overhangs, lights whose bulbs have minimal spacing are more suitable.

Determine the location of your power sources. You have to have enough power sources to accommodate your outdoor Christmas lights installation. Also make sure that the voltage of the light bulbs matches the power source. You also have to prepare the appropriate length and size of extension cords if needed.

Learn the basics of decorating outdoor trees. Only decorate trees that don’t intersect or touch power lines. For thick and broad trees, you will need bulbs of larger size. For shrubs and bushes, experts recommend wrapping them with net lights.

Decide which extra features you want to have. Besides the basics, you might also want to consider adding special features — like having a setting for different light patterns (e.g. Blinking, slow or fast fade). If you want a more festive one, you can also choose holiday lights that play music and have a certain dancing pattern. For energy-saving purposes, you can also use automatic timers or remote controls.

Work with holiday lights experts. Especially if it’s your first time installing outdoor holiday lights, it will be more cost-effective and efficient to get professional help. Apart from helping you choose which Christmas lights suit your garden best, they also have the rooms and experience when it comes to safely installing these holiday decorations.

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