How New York Affect on Your Hair

As you know, chlorinated and salty water makes hair weak and that is why I have decided to share my tips to help counter the negative effects. It is better to swim all year round for maintaining beautiful and strong hair.

Salt and bleach work differently on your hair. Salt is a natural element and does not penetrate the hair fibers. Drying hair in New York, it crystallizes, clogs the pores of your scalp and causes irritation, dryness and an unpleasant feeling. In combination with sand and sun, it also has an exfoliating effect. Result, your hair becomes dry and dull.

Bleach harms by another way. It is a chemical, oxidizing agent and just the enemy for dyed hair, as it washes out color. It changes the color of the strands with blue particles in its composition, adding green highlights to them and removing sebum, an oil that naturally protects hair fibers.

Therefore, to avoid such harm, apply sunscreen before and after swimming in the sea or pool. It acts as a protective film, which is necessary to combat the negative effects of the environment. You can also use herbal-based care products that have nutritional and protective properties, such as shea butter or argan oil.

Wearing a swimming cap in the pool is the best way to protect your hair. On the beach, ideally, hair should be tied in cases if you have long hair. Braids, tails or bunches, there are many hairstyles to choose the right image for your style and provide protection in New York. After leaving the water, rinse the hair with clean water.

After a tiring day for your hair, it should be strengthened. In addition to your rituals, add more nourishing care. What is perfect? Mask, which is enriched with keratin (the main component of your hair). Wait fifteen minutes before rinsing. It is the best way to strengthen and heal your hair for a long time.

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