Give Your Phone Some Artistic Elegance

While there was a time when everyone used to have any one of a variety of cell phones in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes… that is certainly no longer the case. Most people walk around with one, or sometimes even two, of virtually the same looking silver square… and it doesn’t look like that will be changing all that much any time soon. Now, while I know that most companies are starting to release these silver squares in different colors now, that doesn’t REALLY matter because the phone is so expensive, nobody is walking around with it caseless…  and THAT is what we are here to discuss. 

Many people believe that they really only have two options as far as cases go… They can either choose protection and wind up in one of those ugly Otterbox monstrosities, or you choose sleekness, and wind up in one of those non-descript Amazon cases that you have to change every couple months because they wear down so quickly. 

Well I’m here to tell you that you have another option you may not have considered, which is fashion. That’s right, your phone doesn’t have to just be something you stare at while you’re in the bathroom, it can be a part of your outfit, and act as an accent in the same way a bracelet or necklace can be. 

The one you’ve probably already seen and have some familiarity with is the leather case. A leather case is a great purchase, especially when you can find one that is made out of actual high-quality leather. The beauty of a leather case is that as you use it, the leather will take on character from your normal wear and tear, and become that perfect vintage look you see in an old leather jacket or purse. You can even get a black leather and a brown leather case and switch them out depending on what belt or shoes you’re wearing, ladies or men!

Another option you may not have considered is fabric. There are a number of companies selling some pretty interesting cell phone cases that not only provide great protection, but have a full fabric back that comes in pattern or solid color. The rest of your clothes are made of fabric, why not drape your phone in it, and complete the ensemble. One thing to keep in mind however is that fabric, as fabric does, can get dirty, and after a while you’re either need to take a little detergent to the back of it, or get a new case. 

The final option I want to offer you is something I can’t quite put into words so I’ll just send you to the site so you can see it for yourself. These folks are taking phone cases and making something incredible. By combining the gorgeous natural texture of wood with a colored resin, they are creating this unique mix of colors and textures that really takes the phone case game to the next level… AND they actually do a great job protecting your phone!

You don’t have to settle for sleek or durable… you have another option. An option that can evolve as your taste in fashion evolves. An option that allows your phone to become a piece of a greater whole every time you step out of your house. You’re not going to ditch your phone any time soon, so you might as well start investing in how nice it looks!