Foundation is very important for every makeup:

Foundation is the most important thing before applying makeup on the face. Without foundation, no makeup will last long. So, it is always better to use foundation before applying makeup. Because in many cases it happens that the person has dry skin or oily skin. And, in both cases the makeup can’t be applied without foundation. With the help of foundation, the oily skin will come in control. Whereas, the dry skin will get some moisture with the help of foundation before applying makeup.

Only then the makeup will last longer. Also, the makeup will be at the place. And, there will be no patches happen on the face. Because patches occur when there is no foundation applied on the face. But when it is applied right nothing will happen to the face. So, just use the foundation before applying the full makeup.

Normal foundation can really make a face look good

In normal day to day life, no heavy makeup is required. Just use the normal foundation for giving normal touchup to face. And, boom the women will look gorgeous just with normal makeup. Because heavy makeup requires a lot of money and in day to day life it is not necessary to use them. So, why waste so much time applying makeup in day to day life. Just give 5 minutes and face will shine like a star. With normal foundation just use the Foundation Estee [รองพื้น estee, which is the term in Thai]. This is one of the best companies who manufactures foundation.

5 minutes for the face

In day to day life, just 5 minutes is required to make a face glow. And, with the help of Estee foundation one can do that easily. So, just buy them and use them.