Choosing an Outdoor Wedding Venue

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many social activities have been affected by this pandemic, such as weddings. Of course, the wedding was affected by the pandemic, because since the pandemic, the government has prohibited people from gathering and limiting activities outside the home, to break the chain of the virus spreading.

Though the wedding is the most awaited moment for many couples. So that we can still celebrate weddings during this pandemic. In the wedding ceremony, usually, the couple’s family will carry out a sacred wedding ceremony, which is carried out according to religion or custom.

This sacred ceremony or procedure is better done in a venue that has good air circulation. The bride and groom can perform this ceremony at the Cairns Wedding Venues.

In the process of this sacred ceremony, it is better to be attended to and witnessed directly by the families of both parties, to avoid crowds. For invited guests who want to witness the process of this sacred ceremony, you can watch it via live streaming.

Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Wedding Venue

Designing an outdoor concept wedding is a dream for some couples. Moreover, there are many wedding concepts that would be more fitting if held outdoors or at an outdoor party. However, in choosing an outdoor wedding venue, there are many things that must be considered by the bride and groom.

Make sure it fits your wedding concept

The selection of an outdoor venue for a wedding reception must be in accordance with the concept of the wedding you are designing. This venue is very suitable and supportive for both rustic and bohemian wedding concepts. The garden party concept is also very fitting if it is carried out outdoors. However, there are some wedding concepts and themes that don’t feel right for outdoor locations, such as traditional weddings or industrial weddings. Therefore, in terms of venue selection, it is necessary to adjust the concept that you are carrying in your wedding.

Wedding Party Implementation Tips

In addition to choosing a safe venue when celebrating a wedding, there are several health protocols and government advice, which must be followed when holding a wedding party during a pandemic. Try to invite invited guests to a minimum. Then the wedding is held no more than 1.5 hours, or given a break by doing 2 sessions of the wedding party.