Be Trendy During Maternity: Creating Maternity Wardrobe For Use During And After Pregnancy

Today’s soon to be moms are very lucky.  They can choose from a lot of maternity brands with different styles that will cater to all their needs. Also, who wants to spend money on trendy maternity clothes that you can wear for a few months only, right? Luckily, there are maternity clothes now that you can still wear once the baby was born. There are various maternity dresses that you can use postpartum. You only need to know what to look for and how to style them.

Flowy maxi-dress

This is a super feminine dress. It gives a lot of movement and is very comfortable. The dress compliments your figure during and after pregnancy. Flora and geometric patterns are often recommended when buying maternity dresses. This type of dress looks great and helps a lot in disguising your swollen belly. Also, if the dress is very loose after giving birth, you can cinch it with a belt and it will look spectacular. Pairing it with a cropped jacket will also make the look complete.

It’s a wrap!

This is another classic and flattering option, especially for curvy women. The tie waist design that tightens on the waist helps make the pregnant woman look smaller. Plus, it is a great piece to wear for easy nursing. You do not want any hassle when you go outside with your baby and the baby cries for milk.

Maxi elastic waist skirt

This skirt is fantastic to wear, exactly what every new mom needs. It allows you the freedom to wear it low on the hips or a bit higher. That depends on your comfort level and your preference. You can also fold it over or scrunch it according to your liking.

Button-down shirt

This kind of top is one of the most versatile shirts you can own throughout your pregnancy. You can wear it buttoned-up during your first trimester. Then you can wear it as an unbuttoned layer during your second and third trimesters. You can still do so post-pregnancy since layering is so slimming. Once the baby is born, you can wear your button-down open, or tie it over a nursing tank. You can also try wearing an oversized maternity button-down with leggings and a long vest. It will be magnificent.

Comfortable and roomy cardigans

These layers offer a slimming effect. They are also great for covering up if you don’t want to wear tight clothing all over. Their long shelf-life will keep you in style and comfort for a long time. You can wear cardigans over dresses or shirts and it will do wonders.

Buying clothes when you are pregnant is very difficult for some. They find walking a struggle already, especially during the later months. Good thing is that it is now easier to shop for almost anything due to our modern technology. There are several maternity clothes online you could choose from. Ordering is very easy even for a first-timer. There are many platforms where you can buy different maternity clothes. The multitude of choices may overwhelm you so prepare yourself.