4 Types of Art: Things You Can Wear or Not

The concept of wearable art first emerged during the ‘60s and ‘70s and grew more popular in the 2000s. The idea is to get art off the museum walls to incorporate and exhibit it in what people wear.

Wearable art comes in many types and forms. Of course, fashion is a wearable art existing long before the ‘60s and ‘70s. But some, if not most, didn’t consider it that way.

Do you want to learn more about the other types of art and how to wear them? Keep on reading this article to level up your wardrobe!

1. Fashion

Fashion is an art you can wear. Fashion, at its heart, is self-expression through the clothing and accessories worn. Designing clothes or mixing and matching your outfit requires creativity.

New York streets are fantastic art galleries and exhibitions of unique fashion styles. It’s like a public runway and free fashion show. This city is one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world for a reason.

Take a stroll around your city and look at the stories people express with their clothing. Apart from aesthetics, what you wear tells so much about your ideas, beliefs, and who you are.

2. Painting

Painting could be the first thing to pop up in your mind when we talk about art. The most famous art pieces are paintings from artists ages ago. In the context of history, the first canvases used were cave walls, and now, it’s come to clothing fashion and textiles.

Today, there are no limits to painting or the canvases used to display it. Some artists use shirts or jeans as canvases and exhibit their art in galleries. Some choose to wear these or even sell them.

Art themes or subjects painted on clothing do not have limits. Artists can be imaginative and paint a rare masterpiece. Click for more rare digital artwork options you can buy and print on a shirt.

One option to consider in printing is digitizing artwork and then printing it. Did you notice that there are already a lot of shirts with the Mona Lisa painting on them? You can do that too, but it’s best to craft your digital art or buy one if you ever consider printing.

3. Music

Music is something we hear and feel, but we don’t see music. So, you may think it’s impossible to wear music. But it’s not about wearing the music itself as songs nowadays come with album art covers.

You can opt for printing these album arts on different types of clothing. They allow for an excellent aesthetic for your casual wear.

4. Tattoos

Creatives use canvas, paper, wooden panels, clothing, and more materials to display art. In the case of tattoos, human skin comes in handy.

With tattoos, you can wear art on your skin permanently!

Uncover Different Types of Art Today

In this modern age where the sky is the limit for possibilities, you can wear different types of art. You can even wear traditional art types you may not have previously considered wearable.

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