What Are Some Categories Of A Custom Bobblehead?

The custom bobblehead doll option is allowing you to design your bobblehead from scratch. All of these designs are allow you to choose hair and eye color and complexion as well as having the face made to match a photo that you send in the online custom bobbleheads. However, the custom models are allowing you to choose the clothing as well. This is a great option if you cannot find a bobblehead from our collection that suits you. You can be choosing a couple, threesome or a couple with a baby. You are choosing a group of four or five meaning that you can have a family set or group of friends made up.

  • Male

There are various shapes and sizes with various clothes and poses, as well as some with backgrounds and accessories. You are choosing dolls involved in sports, in certain careers, groomsmen or grooms, musicians or even superheroes. There are also many various poses and clothing choices. 

  • Female

The characters are dressed in many various ways and these are in different poses. Some are casually dressed and others smart. Some have lovely wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses or evening gowns on and others are in work clothes or sportswear or more casual jeans and tops. You should be able to take a look through and find a female bobblehead that looks as close as possible to someone you know or even yourself. 

  • Couples 

These are ideal to be used as cake toppers or table decorations at the wedding or as a quirky wedding or engagement gift. There are also a couple of bookends, with one person on each bookend. Each of the couples can be customized.

  • Wedding 

These make the most fantastic wedding cake toppers. Rather than just you are having a random bride and groom doll, you can pick a couple and have the faces made to look just like you. You can send in a photo of the bride and groom to be and the dolls will be able to be sculpted to look just like the photo.

  • Kids

Personalized bobblehead has a range of kid’s designs which can be a lot of fun. You can send in a photo of your child, to have a doll. You are sending in a baby picture of an adult and have a doll made that is looking like they did as a child. You are having an adult face put on a child doll for something funny and different.