The art of flower arrangement

Ikebana, literally “arranging flowers” or “making flowers alive” in Japanese, is one of the most appreciated kinds of art in the entire world: the art of flower arrangement.

This tradition comes directly from the 7th century, when Japanese people used to offer flowers on altars. However,this fine art is not only an Eastern thing. We know pictorial representations of floral arrangement coming from Ancient Egypt, from the illuminated manuscripts of the European Middle Age and from a lot of different still life littered through many centuries.


If you live abroad and you want to send flowers to your family and friends in Italy, you need to know some golden rules of flower arrangement first. The florists in contact with Italian Flora are pretty friendly with this art, but if you want to personalise your gift and make it really unique, this is the article you are looking for.


A couple of golden rules

In any kind of art, the artist needs to base his creation on some teachings and instructions. This will let him create an original piece of good quality. In the art of flower arrangement, these are the teachings of good design.

Pick up some flowers and put them in a vase has nothing to do with floral arrangement.Choosing every flower on the basis of its shape, colour and size is the first step to create a fine bouquet.

Every arrangement starts witha project. As no stylist would start a dress from cutting the fabric and no painter would begin to work without a preparatory sketch, a florist needs to have in mind a design to create their bouquet. It may be a good idea to work with a basic shape and then to create over it with the flowers available.Choosing accordingly to the season is a very good start; Italian Flora does it as well!

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The collocation is also important, as our bouquet has to be planned based on the space it will be exposed in.

Sometimes working with some examples in mind can be pretty useful, so let’s see three different models of a good arrangement!


From classical to modern

A composition is a planned cobination of flowers, leaves and other materials that come together to create an artistic unite. When putting together a bouquet, here are many elements to look at, and six are the main ones: lines, spaces, texture, colour, shape and design.

Different styles of composition make different use of the elements above in creating an original piece.

  • The classical one is preferred by the English, it is regulated by proportions and colour, through strict geomteric schemes.
  • The “old-style” arrangement aims to reproduce pieces of art and uses flowers and leaves from the period represented.
  • The modern composition breaks with traditional shapes and schemes. It uses new materials and abstract concepts that make this kind of arrangement quite close to contemporary art.

Now that you know all the golden rules to create your personal, stunning bouquet, check out Italian Flora website and send your favourite flowers to your beloved!