The advantages of wearing cotton clothing

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It should not come as a surprise that cotton is the most popular natural fiber in the world. The primary reason to grow cotton is to produce cloth, but other parts of the cotton plant are also being used in the production of paper products, various plastics, and even food. The fact that cotton is a natural fiber makes it very desired and respected in the manufacturing of clothes. Cotton has many great advantages over other fibers, which in conjunction create the world’s most desirable fabric. Here are some of the greatest advantages of wearing cotton clothing.

Ability to control moisture

One of the greatest features of cotton is breathability and moisture control. This fabric is capable of wicking away moisture from the body, which is perfect in a hotter climate. By keeping perspiration away from the skin, cotton allows you to stay cool and comfortable. For these reasons, cotton clothing also keeps you comfortable and focused as you exercise. Cotton can soak up to a quarter of its weight before feeling damp. Less moisture between your skill and clothing will keep you cool and comfortable.

Healthy and hypoallergenic

The fact that cotton is hypoallergenic makes it a great choice of fabric for people with skin allergies and those who are generally worried about their overall health. Cotton protects our body from unwanted bacteria. This is the reason why most baby clothing is made of cotton. It is also used for the production of bandages and other medical products.

Unmatched comfort

The softness of cotton is one of its most famous features. It is extremely comfortable to wear, and because of this unmatched softness cotton is often used in the production of underwear.


Cotton has a pretty high tensile strength, so we can assume that it is a moderately strong fabric. It gains even more strength (up to 30 percent), when it is wet, so it can easily withstand numerous washings in hotter water.


Cotton clothes are pretty good at protecting your body from heat during the summer, but can also keep you warm in the winter. Thermal insulation of cotton traps air between the fabric fibers, maintaining a comfortable temperature of your body. Just like linen, a fabric famous for its great breathability and heat conductivity, cotton clothing does not stick to your body, which allows more air to be trapped between the fabric and skin, which results in great warmth and comfort.