Sex Change Surgery, Beneficial For Mental Health

A study shows that transgender people who had undergone surgery needed less psychological treatment after the operation. The blue, pink and white stripe flag represents the transgender collectively.

According to new research among transgender people, conducting a sex change operation is associated with a decrease in psychological treatment over time. Surgery of these characteristics has required the participation of a group of specialists who work together with the plastic surgeon to facilitate a global treatment


In the transgender collective, mental health problems such as depression or anxiety are more significant than in the rest of the population.

Among individuals who did not identify with their gender, more than 70% had received hormonal treatment and almost half (48%) had undergone a sex reassignment operation during the ten years of registration.

The study analyzed psychological treatment in 2015 concerning its duration over time since the beginning of hormonal treatment or srs surgery. Mental health measures included visits to the psychologist for anxiety problems, anxiolytic and antidepressant prescriptions, and hospitalization following a suicide attempt.

Progress In Treatment

The increase in the time since the last sex change surgery was associated with a lower probability of receiving psychological treatment. For the period of ten years studied, this probability was reduced by 8% each year from the moment the operation was carried out. They did not find the same association for hormonal treatment.

Despite the reduced psychological treatment used after the sex reassignment operation, the one received among transgender people continued to exceed that of the general population.

The authors conclude that the association between surgical intervention and the reduction of the probability of having to receive psychological treatment supports the decision to facilitate sex change operation cost in Thailand to people with gender incongruity who request it.