Knock Off Louis Vuitton Handbags versus Real Louis Vuitton Handbags

A Louis Vuitton bag’s markings and pattern are frequently reliable markers of its authenticity. Other little characteristics, such as the clasp and stitching, also can help you determine if a bag is real or imitation. When you buy your bag, do some research on the vendor to check if they are good and best as original.


We can see the “made in” mark etched in the leather of the bag. A logo that states “Louis Vuitton” and “manufactured in France” (or some other nation if it was created elsewhere) is always found on genuine Louis Vuitton bags.

  • A short mark at the edge of the knock off LV bags.
  • That are rounded larger than the Ls. 
  • That are so near together that they seem so to be touching.

Thin and crisp lettering and data code are usage

The date code on the bag corresponds to the “manufactured in” stamp. Inside the bag, near the top border of the opening, and for date stamp. 2 letters and a 4-digit number ought to be remembered for the date stamp. The initial 2 digits of the 4-digit number address the 7 days per week ever, while the subsequent 2 address the year. The letters denote the location of the bag’s manufacture. If the characters in the date stamp reflect a country other than the one shown on the “manufactured in” stamp, then it is best quality Lv bag.

  • Lv bags replica created before 1980 wouldn’t have a date stamp, so using this method to validate a vintage bag will fail.
  •  It fits the “manufactured” in stamp because there are many unique letter codes that represent the location of a nation that bag was created in.

The pattern is consistent throughout the knock off LV bag.

The print of the bag is a mirror impression of itself that runs the length of the pack. The circle pattern is cut away on one side, the opposite side of the handbag should be chopped off at the same location. The design will also be straight, not crooked or at an angle.

It’s worth buying if there is a symbol is stamped off in any way, it can be a knock off louis vuitton handbags . The Louis Vuitton bag may be chopped off in some areas, but an knock off louisvuitton handbags  will not have the LV emblem cut off.

On the bottom of the knock off LV bag, you can see inverted LV symbol as genuine bag.

Because Louis Vuitton bags are made from an one uninterrupted strip of leather, the LV emblems should be right way up on the front and inverted on the back. The replica bag can created from a single continuous strip and the LV logos are right hand side up both sides, it can be a knock off louisvuittonhandbags .

The price of a knock off Louis Vuitton reflects genuine Lv as the fact that it is made of good materials.  You can purchase replica in your budget which lookalike original one.