How Much Does a Real Hair Wig Cost

Human hair wigs can cost anywhere between $200 and $3000. The prices vary based on the quality of the hair and the wig. If you look at the expensive wigs, these are top-notch quality wigs so it is only understandable that the price will be higher that other type of wigs. You might be wondering, why are these wigs so expensive? Well, that’s because these are real human hair wigs and you can’t mass produce these hair in a factory.

There is a famous saying that you get what you pay for. This can not be more true in the wig industry. When buying a human hair wig, the cost can vary widely based on a bunch of factors. For example, how much was the donor paid, what is the length of the hair, How dense are the hair, the texture and the curl patterns.

Everyone seems to think that human hair wigs are the simplest choice. They’re wonderfully luxurious and if you get good quality hair (which not all human hair necessarily is) there’s no other feeling love it.

However, there are some things to understand about human hair before deciding whether it’s right for you. As an example, it takes quite bit of maintenance as you’ve got to style it daily a bit like you’d your own hair.

Synthetic wigs come pre-styled and are virtually hassle-free when it involves styling. Just keep it maintained properly and it provides you a way easier daily style. Synthetic hair technology has come so far that I think it’s the best thing happened for those women who were exploited for their hair!

Synthetic hair is gorgeous and it’s very hard to detect the difference between it and human hair once you get an high quality wig.

The next factor to think about when deciding what proportion a wig costs, or what proportion you ought to spend on a wig is cap construction. For the foremost realistic scalp/part and front hairline you actually need a mono-filament top and lace front cap construction. This provides you the most natural look and also affords you some styling versatility.

The cost of shopping for a wig can vary anywhere from $50 – $3000. However, if you get a cap construction that’s the foremost natural (as mentioned above) your price range is probably going to be somewhere between $200 and $400 for an excellent quality synthetic wig.

The Price of Real Hair Wigs

High Quality hair wigs do cost more. These are the simplest quality wigs therefore the cost are often above any other wig types. For a few people, this is often a worthwhile investment, though. As they love the design and feel of real hair and do not mind the upkeep of human hair due to the gorgeous outcome .

So, what does it cost to shop for a wig? It’s up to you and therefore the features and benefits you are feeling are important in your life style. The great news…There may be a wig for any budget and even a less costly wig are often a pleasant choice. You only may have to regulate your expectations on the lifespan of your wig if you accompany a less expensive option.

A good quality synthetic wig with proper care should last anywhere from 3 to six months of normal use. For human hair, you’ll easily double that time-frame.

It doesn’t really matter what quality you’ve got chosen… If you are feeling good in it you’ll look good!