Custom Every Single Part of Your Sunglasses

Many of the most important, most challenging and most memorable times of your life happens while you are wearing sunglasses. Whether driving a hole in one, driving at high speed, posing for post-wedding photos, or scaling half dome, your sunglasses are just as precious as your eyeglasses.

Custom sunglasses from Disoglasses set a new standard against which all other China sunglasses should be compared. And when compared to any stock sunglasses brand, Disoglasses custom sunglasses allow you to:

  • Enjoy great vision, with your vision prescription applied to any frame
  • Be more active, and feel more confident while working out, adventuring or just living life
  • Wear sunglasses for longer, and benefit from better UV protection with greater comfort, and
  • Finally find the perfect fit for your face, both physically and stylistically

Disoglasses custom sunglasses are made-to-order, from scratch, only when you place your order. So any design you desire is available, and always with a guaranteed perfect fit. But now that you can suddenly have everything you want, how do you know what to choose?

Forget trying to decide whether your face is triangle, diamond or heart shaped.  In summary, the most important thing you should ask yourself is whether your facial features are sharp, angular and bold, or softer and more rounded?

While opposites attract for different features, the trick for overall proportions is actually to complement your face. If your face is taller than it is wide: then taller frames are a great starting point. If your face is wider than it is tall: then you’ll want to go for a narrower frame.

The bigger you style your lenses, the thicker your lens may get. So you may want to adjust size to more closely match eyeglasses proportions. If you are not sure go ahead and style them as you want them to look, and the team of designers at Disoglasses will always flag to you if they think the lenses might get thicker than you’ll like.

When light is reflected, for example by a car windscreen, damp road or surface of a lake, it becomes scattered in a way that creates unpleasant glare. Polarized sunglass lenses filter out this light to enhance visibility and comfort. Disoglasses offer polarized sunglass lenses option during customization. These are available as a premium add-on for any lens prescription or tint color, and are fantastic for several uses including: driving, water sports, and winter sports.