Choose the Best Women’s Watches With The Following Tips

You could say women and fashion are two things that are very difficult to separate. Especially now where there are various kinds of objects and accessories that you can combine to support your daily style. Watches are one of the most important things you can’t let go of. Not just showing the time, now watches have become part of women’s fashion.

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To adjust the selection of the best watch, here are some tips for choosing a cool watch for you.

Wrist Size

Women’s wrists are different, some are small, and some are big. So, let’s look at your wrist size. If you have a small wrist, then choose a watch with a thin strap with a small head. On the other hand, if your wrist is large, then wear a watch with a wide, thin strap and a slightly larger head. This method will balance your hands. This formula will help you:

  • Arm width is about 15-17 cm, so choose a watch with a width of about 38 mm, 40 mm, and 42 mm.
  • Arm width is about 19-20 cm, so choose a watch with a width of about 44 mm and 46 mm.
  • Arm width is about 20 cm, so choose a watch with a width of about 48 mm and 50 mm.

Skin Color

If you have made sure of your hand size, then now is the time to proceed with adjusting your skin color. If the skin color of your hands is bright, then you are free to choose various color variants of the watch, both bright and even dark. But when your skin color is dark, then the color you choose should be neutral, for example black, gray, or beige. However, there is nothing wrong if you want to innovate with colors, ladies. Fashion is free!


The right watch is a watch that can support your daily activities. If you are an office worker who is often indoors, then choose a clock with an elegant design made of stainless or leather. However, when you are an active woman and do a lot of outdoor activities, then a watch with a sporty model will be the coolest choice for you. With the right selection according to your activity, your needs will be covered by the watch.

View Watch Material

The model, brand, price, and all the details are very important in choosing a watch. However, don’t forget that you have to pay attention to the material of the watch. For watches, straps are usually made of leather, nylon, stainless, and rubber. While the regular clock head is made of iron or metal. Try to lift the watch, if it feels too light, there is a possibility that the material is mixed with iron so the quality is not good. Also pay attention to the glass part of the watch which is made of mineral glass, sapphire crystal, or hardlex.

Most importantly of all, you must choose a watch that is comfortable for you. Before buying because of the model, brand, or color, make sure to try it first to ensure comfort.