Best Women’s head jewellery reviews in 2020

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We have experienced a recent shift in women’s jewelry trends in the past couple of years. The current statistics show that women move from classical jewelry like rings, bracelets, etc. to some of the Haute jewelry like gold headbands with rhinestones and other gems embedded in them.

But are the options you find on an e-commerce website worth it, you ask– well, read carefully to know what the fuss is about.

Online women shopping are keywords with high volume search. People women are searching for apps and websites Here, we will review different things about some of the options you will find in stores like Amazon. 

  1. Material: Though they might look like suitable quality headbands, they are usually made of different alloys like stainless steel, brass, or german silver. 

If you choose one with a miscellaneous alloy, you risk buying a product that would break easily, or worse, may cause an allergic reaction with your skin.

So, if you want to keep your hair healthy and not ruin your forehead, then please consider buying a good quality silver or gold head jewelry.

  1. Design: Some such headbands are made to look like something out of Game Of Thrones or The Hunger Games, which look very good on almost all dresses ranging from Bridal gowns to casual photogenic clothes. In contrast, others are made to look like classical Indian or Arabian designs, which pairs nicely with a veil or a shroud.
  1. Gemstones: As mentioned earlier, these headbands come with either a big center gemstone or a cluster of smaller ones closely packed together. The ones with one single piece should be a clear diamond style; otherwise, it makes you look like a witch. Even though the small cluster of rhinestone design is famous, the big center gem design pairs well with bridal dresses and would make your eyes pop out, especially if you have blue or hazel eyes.
  2. Chain type: Mainly all of the headbands are made up of interlinked gold/silver plated chain, and they honestly look outstanding. But they aren’t incredibly sturdy; if you are in a natural environment, where there are trees and bushes and whatnot, these chains can quickly get stuck and break off with even the slightest yank. So, we recommend you go with the solid chain ones even though they add a little bit of weight if you decide on going outdoors.

Headbands are not something of the past; in fact, they indeed are coming back to dominate the jewelry field. With a rich and long history of women wearing silver and gold headbands with various gemstones embedded in them in Arabia, India, Mongolia, and many south-east Asian countries, they were considered royalty.

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You can buy good quality genuine Gold, Silver, or even Platinum headbands, which cost thousands of dollars. And you also have the option of buying cheap imitation once for a little more than $5.

For photos, for your wedding, or just for casual parties, Head jewelry makes a woman feel like a queen.

Women are always passionate about clothes, Saree blouse, accessories, jewellery and shoes. The jewellery with dress is the perfect combination to try for.