All You Need to Know About Ptosis

Ptosis also referred to as pathological droopy eyelids, might get triggered due to aging, underlying medical disorders, and trauma. The condition unilateral ptosis affects only one eye, whereas bilateral ptosis affects both the eyes.

Ptosis (ตาตก, which is the term in Thai) can either be temporary which disappears after a few days, or it can be a permanent condition. When a person is born with ptosis, it is known as congenital ptosis. However, if a person develops it later in his lifetime, it is called as the acquired ptosis.

Upper droopy eyelids can reduce the power of vision or can even block it, depending on how severe the condition is, and also how much it can have the pupil obstructed.

Who Gets Ptosis?

The causes contributing to droopy eyelids are vast, which is inclusive of natural as well as serious conditions. In the case of ptosis, it is always advisable to check with the doctor to confirm the causes of the condition and its severity.

Anybody can be the victim of droopy eyelids, there is no substantial difference in women and men in terms of prevalence and or ethnicities. However, older people are more vulnerable to the condition, owing to the natural process of aging. The elevator muscle is usually responsible for keeping your eyelids lifted. With aging, the muscle usually stretches, causing the eyelids to droop and fall.

What Causes Ptosis in Children?

The major contributing factor behind congenital ptosis is the undeveloped levator muscle. Children with cases of ptosis are always inclined towards developing lazy eye or amblyopia. This condition is known to either limit or delays their vision.

The Risk Factors Associated with Droopy Eyelids

Several medical conditions can push you towards being vulnerable to developing droopy eyelids.

Medical Conditions

If you are having droopy eyelids, it could be due to an underlying serious medical condition, especially if the issue causes an impact on both the eyelids. In case you have droopy eyelids for only one eye, it might be due to a temporary style or an injured nerve.

Symptoms of Droopy Eyelids

  • The major symptom of droopy eyelids is that one or both of your upper eyelids would sag.
  • You might experience either extremely watery or dry eyes, and your face might appear to be tired and weary.
  • The main affected area shall always be around the eyes, due to which you might experience an ache, leading you to feel tired.

Ptosis isn’t always a harmful condition; however, you must get in touch with a doctor in case the condition is blocking your vision.