The Colourful World of Pandora Rings

If you are new to buy a pandora ring, you need to know what you can expect and whatnot. The pandora rings come in different metals and thus, you may face a little coloration around your finger. If you are buying pandora rose gold, expect it to turn the surrounding skin in a slightly green tint because of the presence of copper content. Therefore, you need to handle it with care all the time, as it may tarnish over time if it comes in contact with agents that tend to catalyze the reactions. The agents can be hairspray, skin creams, acidic skin pH, etc.

The cleaning processes

That one piece of the ring is very dear to you, so you would always want it to keep safe and secured. Knowing the cleaning and storing process can help you to use it for longer times. As you know, if you do not care properly, it may turn to tarnish. Do not use chemical liquid silver cleaner to clean your ring. This may completely ruin it. Chemical cleaners are harsh and tend to remove all the oxidation and let the charm go. Always opt for the store’s cleaning service or wash it at home using warm water with few drops of mild dish soap and let them sit for a few minutes. Remember not to wash it if your ring is made up of wood, cameo, pearl, or leather and for these, you may use the polishing cloth and retain its sparkling appearance.

The storing process

It becomes a headache when you think of where to store to keep it safe and many a time, people tend to store it in the same box it comes with. It is to recommend you that do not store your ring in the same box it came with. These boxes generally are not anti-tarnish and keeping the ring in the box can make it tarnish faster. Also, do not store it in places which is humid, such as a bathroom. Instead, store it in anti-tarnish boxes or jewelry pouch, a zip-lock bag, or in any jewelry box that has an anti-tarnish strip or is encircled with a silica gel packet. These are the basis of storing that makes your ring stay shiny for a long time.