Smart Deals for the perfect SPA

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Do you want to go for a massage, but something is still holding you back? You are not sure how to dress, what to say, how to behave and what to take with you. We have prepared 10 tips for you that will help to dispel your doubts and make you feel comfortable during your first visit to the massage salon. See what you need to know before a massage.

You don’t have to shave before the massage

Shaving your legs / bikini / back is not necessary for a massage. You can only do it for your own comfort. If you do so, do not do it immediately before the procedure, especially if you have a tendency to redness (inflammation) of the hair follicles. It’s best to shave your legs a day or two before and wash with alcohol to prevent bacterial infections and inflammation. You can search for the spa near me in montreal and there the deals are perfect.

For men whose body hair is usually larger, long and thick hair on the legs or back may gently pull and tangle during the massage. For most men, shaving is not a comfortable procedure, which is why it is usually not required. A lot depends on personal comfort.

Ylang ylang massage oil

Ylang ylang means ‘flower of flowers’; this is also a massage oil with a sweet, exotic scent. Many people experience this oil as pure indulgence, as if they were allowed to retreat to an exotic paradise during the massage. The scent contributes to a deep relaxation and the oil also has a caring and soothing effect on irritated skin.

Do not apply body lotion

Before applying massage, do not apply lotion or any cream on your body. He will roll and interrupt during the procedure. In addition, the nutrients in massage oil would be less well absorbed.

Tell me about your health problems

Before the procedure, the therapist will conduct an interview to find out how you feel on a given day, and to exclude (or find) any absolute contraindications to massage. If he doesn’t ask you something and you think that this is important information (or you just don’t know if it can matter), don’t be afraid to interfere with his sentence and just say it. He will not be offended and will even be grateful to you, and you will feel calmer.

You’ll get a change of underwear

Before the whole body massage, you will probably get disposable underwear to change and disposable slippers and a bathrobe. However, you can stay in your underwear if you feel more comfortable. The masseur will probably protect it with a paper towel so as not to get dirty with the massage oil. In partial treatments, a change of underwear is usually not needed.

You will not lie naked

When you lie down on a massage table (yes, this is a table, not a bed 😉), the masseur will cover you with a towel or blanket so that you feel warm and pleasant. Only those parts of the body that will be massaged at the moment will be discovered. You will not lie naked and not freeze 😉