Skin Cleansing 101 – Importance of washing your face daily with a natural cleanser

Why washing your face daily is important | Be Beautiful India

Many of us have championed the art of using myriad skincare products on our skin that serves various beautifying purposes. However, we seem to be losing out or rushing through one of the most basic and quintessential steps of our skincare beauty routine: cleansing. It is a common misconception that a quick face wipe or splashing of some water onto the face will do the deal. Human beings are social creatures and our skin is rightly exposed to dust, pollution, and other natural skin aggressors on a continual basis. If we do not cleanse our face with a natural face wash, the dirt can style cosily into our skin pores and clog the skin follicles. We all know the perils of clogged pores ranging from acne, dull and congested skin, uneven skin texture, and oily skin. 

There are numerous platforms and outlets that allow us to buy organic face cleanser that deep cleanses the skin and removes all the stubborn dirt and sebum inside the skin’s pores. 

Benefits of cleansing your face with a natural face wash

Cleansing is the first and foremost step of any skincare routine and extremely crucial to remove the accumulated dirt and dust particles embedded in the skin. It also sets the stage for better performance by moisturizers and oils penetrating well into the cleansed face. Let us delve deeper into the importance of washing your face daily with a natural face wash:

  • Increase hydration

Regular cleansing of the face is important to retain a minimum level of moisture on the skin. A dehydrated face is prone to breakouts, acne, and rough and wrinkled skin. Using a natural face wash also helps to manage the pH levels of the skin, thus enabling sufficient water retention required for proper skin hydration. Also check– Eminence Rosehip Moisturizer

  • Clear skin

Sebum is our skin’s natural method of coping with environmental change and protecting itself from external aggressors. Although sebum is good for the skin, if it stays for too long without cleaning, it reacts with leftover build-up and excessive oils. This may lead pores to enlarge and skin follicles to block, trapping sebum and allowing bacteria to seep into the skin follicles. This in turn leads to inflammation of the skin, lacklustre, dull and blotchy skin. 

  • Keep your youth intact

Our skin is ageing by the day. Pollution and external toxins can, unfortunately, accelerate the ageing process in alarming ways. Cleansing your face with a natural face wash goes a long way in fighting ageing, wrinkles, pigmentation, and dullness by getting rid of all unwanted particles. 

  • Increase product’s absorption and effectiveness

If your skin is layered with a thick layer of grime and dirt, it becomes increasingly difficult for active ingredients and skincare products applied to seep into the skin effectively. A clean face is a prerequisite that makes the skin more receptive to treatments with minimum effort and maximum outcome.

It is quite easy to use a natural cleanser and everyone must incorporate it into one’s lives for magical results. One has to simply pump out a small portion of the natural face wash onto your wet palms, and rub them together to form lather. Transfer the lather on your wet face in small, circular motions with gentle strokes. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry. One may follow it up with an organic toner and facial oil of one’s choice. 

It is very important to invest the time and energy behind understanding one’s skin type and then choosing an organic cleanser that is well-suited for it. If not, our skin is too gentle to repair itself from adverse reactions and unbalancing side-effects incurred by a harsh cleanser.