Several Factors to Choose Hotel Bath Towel

In the hospitality sector, there is huge demand for towel. Especially, in those hotels and resorts where guests stay overnight or several days. It is crucial that the hotel supplies right amenities to every room and spa facilities, if any. Therefore, you will need to consider several factors when you choose a hotel bath towel.

Towel sizes

Hotel towels [ผ้าเช็ดตัวโรงแรม, which are the term in Thai] include hand towels, wash cloths, and regular bath towels. In addition, hotel bathroom may also need to be furnished with bath robes, bath sheets and bath mats.

  • Bath mats are used in place of rugs on bathroom floors to avoid slipping. They are slightly smaller than bath towels.
  • Bath sheet is lengthier and wider than bath towel. Guests can drape it around in a sarong style
  • Bath robes are also wrapped but have collar, sleeves and wrap-round belt.

Towel weight

Towel weight is important. The heavier the towel the more luxurious it feels and can absorb more water.

  • Thinner towels weigh 5 to 10 lbs. per dozen – It is an economical choice. It can be used at athletic clubs, gyms, and motel where thin quality does not make a difference.
  • Plush towels weigh 15 to 20 lbs. per dozen. It absorbs more water and so great for high-end services in resorts and spas.


  • Spa towel have maximum whiteness and offers ultimate relaxation and comfort to the guests. Cotton yarns in the spa towel are soft and thick weighing between 15 to 20 lb. per dozen.
  • Bath towel are used in facilities ranging from health clubs to gyms to hotels, schools and more. You can choose colors to match the bathroom interiors. They weigh from 5 to 17 lb. per dozen.
  • Pool towels with fun stripes can be seen at the resorts or hotel’s swimming pool. They are soft, light and longer. They can absorb more as they get subjected to lots of water. They even dry quickly and weigh 5 to 20 pounds per dozen.


Most preferred is the cotton material but there are varieties of cotton blend including ring spun, totally cotton, polyester cotton, zero twist cotton, and Egyptian cotton.