Sell Jewelry Brickell Miami

Those pieces of jewelry that you inherit from your close ones are an amazing gift that can land you some cool cash. Recover fast the memories of a broken relationship from your ex and spouse by selling those pieces of jewelry that are not worn. Are the gift chains broken, but the pendant still much in good condition? Brilliant Jewel is your best sell my jewelry dealer in Miami. Sell diamonds Miami by visiting our locations to get the true value of your jewelry. Our professional jewelers will check the quality and age of the jewelry to match a befitting price for it.

How to sell my jewelry Miami

The best way to get sell engagement ring Miami is to visit a local jewel. Professional diamond deals will determine the price of rings, bracelets, and earrings by measuring its carat weight and grades. They will not be biased while assessing your jewelry in determining its quality and price. Don’t just let those earrings, and rings are useless in your home. Enjoy the best competitive prices from our sell diamonds Miami offers.

Places to sell my jewelry Miami

There are several places to sell my jewelry in Miami. The following are the selling options available for you.

  • Pawnshop

It is a place most people prefer to sell their jewelry when they need instant cash. Most pawnshops prefer to loan customer money while they hold on to the jewelry. This loan is much less than the worth of the jewelry. This option is not good because most customers forgo their precious gems at a lesser price.

  • Individual

You can sell your jewelry to a friend or a willing buyer for a price far below the price of a brand new. Selling to an individual is quite good because you can get flair price for such jewelry. But such an individual may feel cheated after sealing such a deal.

  • Jewel

The best way of selling jewelry is to go to a jewel near you. If you are cool with the price, you can sell such jewelry, and if not, you can walk out. There is a lot of jewel in Miami that buy diamond and gold from an individual at reasonable prices. In which, Brilliance Jewel is one of those jewels that offer competitive rates to sell my jewelry deal. You can decide to visit their website to book an appointment with them or go down to their location in South Florida. They offer free jewelry appraisal and instant cash.