How To Make A Bag From The Scratch

From the preliminary analysis to the development of the project with the design and the paper pattern to the choice of materials and finishes, and to the actual production. Here’s how to develop a project for the creation of handmade bags.

Although in small series, the production of customized leather bags or tote bag has its rules to be completed successfully and in a short time. The organization of the production process is the basis of all this. Where do we start? In this post, I am talking about this: how to make a personalized bag following all the analysis and production phases.


The analysis is the first step of the job to create tailor-made bags. This is a preventive analysis that can determine the possibility of carrying out production or not. A detailed questionnaire is therefore sent to the client, to which he must respond precisely: the questions mainly concern the number of pieces to be produced, the number of samples, the needs regarding delivery times and the type of materials selected for the line.

Simply put, all the information you need to understand how to create a custom leather bag. Once all the information has been received in the company, then it will be possible to evaluate the feasibility of the work.


The creation of personalized bags or canvas tote starts with the design, which gives life to the pattern; from the latter, we pass to the creation of the prototype. At this stage of development, the foundations are laid, and not only for the next step, which is that of real production: the materials, finishes, several pieces are chosen and above all, it is evaluated if the costs and consumption are, actually, in line with your project.

At this stage, you can finally have your leather bag in your hands! No, what did you understand, not the final product, just a prototype that makes good the idea of ​​the final result? The prototype is manufactured with a different material from the final one, a sort of test material, which can give the idea of ​​dimensions and finishing; the latter is sent to the customer within 10 working days so that it is approved or there is a need to request any changes.

·         PRODUCTION

The bulk of the work is done: the preventive production phase of custom-made leather bags is, in fact, the most important of the entire process. The production phase is thus arrived at with clear ideas about all aspects of the project:  materials, time and costs are information already obtained and shared between the two professionals.