How to keep your bouquet flowers fresh for a longer period?

Flowers are the best creation of God. They apply to every occasion in an individual’s life. The bouquet of roses (ช่อกุหลาบ, which is the term in Thai) or any other flower category gifted by any loved one is very heart-warming but the bitter fact is that the flowers don’t last forever. They wilt with time and gradually dry off to extinction. You surely can’t keep them forever but can implement tricks to keep them alive for a longer time and cherish their existence.

Ways to keep your flower alive:

  • Separate your flowers from the bouquet.

Bouquets are a bundle of roses together, which is primarily done with the intention of decoration. Shuffle your flowers out of the bouquet and separate them from the bundle. This would not compact their pores and prevent wilting.

  • Use salt in the water.

Don’t use normal water for putting your roses in the vase. Add salt to it. This will blend the minerals in the water properly. Therefore, your flowers will be fresh.

  • Cut the stems.

Before sinking the flowers in the vase, cut their stems in the lower part. This is one of the most crucial aspects of keeping the flowers fresh. Cut them with an angle. This process allows the flowers for a better intake of water. The dead cells in the stem block the uptake of water. Thus, it’s important to cut the stems.

  • Remove the leaves.

It’s certainly true that leaves hype the beauty of a flower but it also is the cause of much bacterial growth. Therefore, remove the leaves or any other parts like thorns or others on the water level to save your flowers from wilting.

  • Pluck the wilted petals.

The flowers wilt slowly. Hence, it starts with the petals. Remove the dried flower (ดอกไม้แห้ง, term in Thai) petals. This will maintain the beauty of the flower and keep them alive.

  • Use additional ingredients in the water.

Salt is not the high end of your flower saving process. Other add-ons will help you to keep your bouquets beautiful. You can use acetone, hairspray, soda, vinegar, and many more. 

  • Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight and extreme weather.

Your flowers are no more attached to the soil. Hence, direct sunlight is not going to help them grow but fade away very quickly. Avoid extreme heat or cold on your flower. This will make them last a bit longer.

If you want to cherish the gift of flowers, exercise the above techniques on your vase and bouquets.