How To Get The Perfect Home Hair Color

If you can’t visit your favourite salon right now, but want to make your colour shine or try a bright new look at home, you’ve come to the right place! We have a handy guide on how to dye your hair at home, from prep to colour shade for hairand tips on how to make your colour look great! So whether you have been dyeing your hair for many years or this is your first DIY hair dye job, keep reading to get everything you need to know to get the perfect home hair colour…

How to Choose Your Hair Color: Choosing the right shade for you

The first step to choosing your perfect colour is to identify your current shade. With the rich home hair dye to choose from, this can seem like a never-ending task! To prove the folly of choosing your perfect colour, a colour level number is assigned to each shade of our Accurate Foam Color collection. Level 2 represents our very dark colour and level 10 represents our light blonde shade, so you will be sure to get your shade of foam hair dye!

When choosing your colour, we would recommend that you stay within two shades of shade from your black hair colour to get the most natural-looking results. Too light or too dark in your complexion can make you look clean – so going natural is always best!

How often should you dye your hair?

The short answer is – It depends entirely on your hair! However, we recommend dyeing your hair every 4-6 weeks to keep your colour looking fresh for longer! Frequent dyeing of your hair can damage your hair, leading to thinning strands, split ends and even breakage. If you have overdosed on hair dye, using a deep conditioner is a good solution. Check out our piece of deep conditioning at home for tips on giving your hair a certain TLC.

What to Do Before Dyeing Your Hair

Preparation is essential when it comes to achieving a professional-looking colour.

For best results, we recommend washing the hair 24 hours before dyeing but soon, we guarantee that the hair is completely clean from any style products or dry shampoo, as any make-up or product on the hair will prevent proper penetration of the dye. Check out our various colour shades for hair and to get the right hair colour.

How To Dye Your Hair: A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Get enough dye for your hair length

You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo! So if you have very long or thick hair, think ahead and buy more than one box of our foam hair dye.

Step 2: Divide your hair into sections

For a balanced application, it is best to divide your hair into sections. Start applying the dye in the sections below first and work your way up to the roots.

Step 3: Apply the dye according to the instructions on the box

Read and re-read the instructions. Every dye can be different, so make sure you read and stick to the instructions to get the best results. Our Exquisite Foam as a colour shade for hair is perfect if you are a beginner DIY as its non-slip formula makes it easy to use and seamless cover – it even provides 100% grey inserts!

Our top tip: use as much foam as possible – if you massage, you will create a bigger foam and your covering will be better.

Step 4: Let your colour improve the hair down

Do not allow yourself to be tempted to tie your tresses and keep your hair loose once you have applied the dye to ensure coverage.

Step 5: Use conditioner to cover your hair

Fixing your locks after colouring gives you more than just glossy style. Dye hair conditioner will also dye the colour to prevent it from fading and help keep it looking rich and vibrant.

How to Care for Dyed Hair

You have your perfect colour, now is the time to keep your locks looking great until the next time you paint! See our product recommendations below to find the right hair care program after your colour.

If you have gone for blonde and want to keep it looking bold and vibrant. We know that blonde hair can be prone to breakage and dryness to deeply manage your strands, check out our Godrej Hair Products to strengthen and protect sensitive hair before and after styling.

Did you go to the dark side? To colour off your brunette colour after applying home dye use the purple shampoo. This duo is great for filling dry, brunette locks and keeping hair colour in any brunette shade.

Choose a bold red shade? Red hair tends to fade, so keep your locks healthy with Radiant Red Boosting Shampoo and Conditioner that strengthens colours. This formula contains pomegranate and vitamin E to keep your red pads smooth and soft after each wash.

Looking for more tips on how to keep your coloured locks looking great? See our article on how to make your hair colour last longer.

Now that you are equipped with the skills and knowledge to get the best colour, try our Exact colour shade for hair range that is easy to use and find your shade.