How to complement your eyes as per your facial make up?

Eyes of a woman are the most striking feature on the face. Thus it is very important for any woman that they complement their eyes with their make-up in the first place. And if you ask a woman what is the very basic make-up equipment that one must have in order to complement their eyes? You will get oy one answer that is eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow pencil is mainly applied on the eyebrows to make them look thicker than earlier. So getting a good quality eyebrow pencil is very important to makeup of facial makeup.

What things do you need to keep in mind before you buy an eyebrow pencil?

So before you get on with buying a mediocre eyebrow pencil first understand what makes up a good quality eyebrow pencil. Well, there are very few basic points that you need to remember in this regard. First, the eyebrow pencil must be from a reputed Brand. Secondly, The shade must be darker so that when you apply it on your eyebrow you get a thick eyebrow representation easily. Thirdly, you must get a smudge-free eye pencil that is to say in case there is sweat on near your eyebrows your eyebrow pencil shades do not get hampered in any way. Lastly you need to see that it is easy to remove once you start to rinse off the facial makeup.

From where should you buy an eyebrow pencil in Thailand?

Now that you know the basics of eyebrow pencils you should now focus on the brand aspect of the products. In Thailand there are only a few good brands that are providing the customers with good quality eyebrow pencils. But the best among them is Browit eyebrow pencil (ดินสอ เขียน คิ้ว browit  , which is the term in Thai). To buy Browit eyebrow pencil make sure you visit beautrium. To know more about the products and the wide range of variety in this category kindly visit the online platform of beautrium at the earliest and avail all the discounts and services from beautrium.