How to Choose the Best Hat to Complement Your Face Shape

According to some research, 11% of people said that they wear hats every day. So if you’re trying to find the right hat for your face shape, you’re definitely not the only one.

If you want to look the most fashionable, you should research style tips before purchasing a hat.

Thankfully, you came to the right place. Keep reading for the best fashion tips when it comes to hats.

Find Head Shape

Before you buy YNOT hats, make sure that you find out what your head shape is. There are two main steps to finding your head shape.

First, measure your head with a measuring tape or something else that’s flexible. You could even use a charging cord or a headphone cord.

The second part is figuring out what your face shape should be. This will help you understand what hats will bring out the best features of your face.


If you have a heart-shaped face, you’ll look best in a newsboy, fedora, or baseball cap. These hats have a clipped brim or some kind of angle that will help to draw attention away from the wideness in your upper face.

It will also draw away from how narrow your jaw might be. Because of this, you shouldn’t wear hats that have floppy brims. This will just add volume to the top of your face, and your features might look exaggerated.

Any hat with a wide brim that cuts over your forehead will help to shorten the long face look. You should also avoid beanies as well.


If you have a diamond face shape, you likely have a narrow chin and forehead. You’ll also have strong cheekbones.

This means that you should look for a hat with a moderate brim to help balance out the angles. A safari-style hat or newsboy cap would be best.

You may even want to find hats with angular styles.


A long face is one that measures more in length than in width. If you want to make your face seem shorter, get a hat with a brim that cuts across the top of your forehead.

You might need to experiment to find the right brim length to accentuate your face. If you get a wide brim with a straw or sunhat, then this could help make your face look shorter.

If you want to wear a cowboy hat, this will make your face seem even longer. These hats give you an extra bit of height, and they have a wide brim.

If you want to balance your features out, you should get trapper hats. These will not only help you stay warm, but the flaps on either side also help balance out your features. You should find a hat that sits perfectly on your head and doesn’t make your head too tall.


A square face has strong features at an angle. However, some hats can make this overly exaggerated. To avoid this, make sure you soften those angels with hats that have a wide or floppy brim.

This is why a cloche or a beany would be best. You’ll also want to try and find hats that have wide brims. This would be something like a cowboy or sun hat.

Find anything that cuts across your forehead to shorten any features that will make you look like you have an exaggerated long face.


A round face means that your cheeks are the most noticeable feature in your face. If you want to make them sharper, you can get a hat that has a wider brim with sharp silhouettes.

You could even use something with a snapping brim. This will help you if you want to make a visual impact. To accentuate your face, you may want a smaller brim or a slouchy style.

A newsboy cap or a beanie would be the best option. for a round face.


A diamond face is similar to a long or heart shape, and they normally have round proportions in length and width. However, it can be difficult to figure out if you have a heart or diamond shape.

To help you decide, figure out if you have narrow features. A diamond shape will normally have a narrow forehead and chin. This will make the face look like an actual diamond.

Diamond shape faces also normally have wide cheekbones. These will be the widest part of the face, and the main difference between this and a heart shape is that the cheekbones sit higher.

With these sharp angles, you’ll want a hat that helps to soften these features, like a beanie or a floppy brim.


A triangle face is similar to square faces, but instead of square jaws, they have a pointed chin. This helps to elongate the face and retain some of the sharp angles.

If you want to emphasize that shape, find a wide-brimmed and tall hat. But if you want to soften these angles, you should find something with softness or slouchier styles.

A beanie or a beret would be best for these face types.

Discover More Style Tips

These are only a few of the best style tips for choosing a hat, but you’ll also need a style guide for every other part of your wardrobe.

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