How Do I Care For My Preserved and Dried Flowers

How Do I Care For My Preserved and Dried Flowers

Want to have a memento of your special day? Besides photos and videos, you can make a bouquet of flowers as part of the most beautiful memories by preserving them. The flowers can be created into collages, three-dimensional creations, and other memorabilia or decorations.

Fresh flowers look beautiful and smell good when they are just received. But unfortunately, fresh flowers still have limitations. They can wither or dry out.

If you are interested in giving or buying real flowers that are durable and still beautiful, you can try buying dried flowers and preserved flowers. What is the difference between dried flowers and preserved flowers? Let’s check it out!

Dried Flowers Singapore  

Dried Flower is a flower that undergoes a natural drying or dehydration process, so the resistance of this type of flower is quite long.

Drying can be done most efficiently by hanging (hang dry) a bouquet of flowers. Make sure the bouquet of flowers is tied tightly, and then hang with the flower position down. Choose a dry and dark place and let it dry for a few weeks. Drying can also be done using silica gel with dried flowers that look fresh. Generally, drying with silica is carried out by expert florists and then created into a flower bouquet.

Dried flowers are popularly used as fillings for vases or bouquets because of their aesthetic shape and also their long durability. Apart from being the contents of a vase, many people look to this type of flower as a gift for happy moments, such as wedding hand bouquets, anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations.

In addition, dried flowers also have a reasonably affordable price compared to buying flowers that are preserved through a chemical process.

Flowers that are commonly used as dried flowers are:

– Baby’s breath

– Cotton balls

– Daisy

– Helichrysum / Strawflower

– Lagurus / Bunny’s tail grass

– Lavender

– Rose

– Pampas

– Pansy

Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers are natural flowers that have been kept with revolutionary technology to maintain a fresh appearance for months or even years. Soft texture and beauty make distinguishing between Preserved and fresh flowers.

Preserved Flowers are currently being loved by young people to be used as birthday and anniversary gifts for loved ones. Preserved Flower was chosen because it is practical and how to care for it is not a hassle. The extraordinary shape and packaging make these flowers even more popular as gifts. In addition, Preserved Flowers are also preferred over dried or synthetic flowers. One of the reasons is because Preserved Flowers have the advantage of having the original texture and characteristics that are still the same so that the beauty and aesthetics of the shape are still maintained.

The process of making Preserved Flowers is also not the same as dried flowers which are only dried or removed from the water content. Preserved Flower is made by rehydration process with a mixture of glycerin and other plant elements so that the flower sap is replaced by preservative liquid. In a process that takes several days, the liquid rises slowly through the stem and then replaces the natural sap from the fresh flower stalk. Once the liquid infiltration is complete, the preserved flower is ready for use.

Preserved flowers have several advantages, including: 

– Preserved flowers have specifically same look as real flowers.T he texture of the petals is also as flexible as the fresh one.

– they’re lighter than fresh flowers as a result of they are not contain water

– Preserved flowers have the same appearance as real flowers.

– Preserved Flowers are much lighter than fresh flowers because they do not contain water

– More durable than dried flowers

– Can be used as a decoration that looks luxurious and beautiful.

The flower that is often used as the preserved flower is the rose.

How do I care for my preserved and dried flowers

Although they don’t need water like real flowers in general, dried and preserved flowers also need special care to keep them looking beautiful and beautiful. Plus, this flower is often used by many people as room decorations, so the flowers’ condition also affects the room’s appearance.

  1. Store At Room Temperature

Unlike fresh flowers, which have to stay hydrated, you just need to put dry flowers at room temperature, not damp or wet. Humid and wet conditions will make your dried flowers quickly dull and damaged.

  1. Avoid Direct Sun Exposure

In contrast to fresh flowers that require sunlight to stay fresh, this flower must be protected from the sun because it is vulnerable and tends to be fragile.

Avoid placing dried flowers in the direct sunlight because it will make them damaged and brittle. The best place to put dried flowers is a ventilated living room, bedroom, or dining table with enough air.

  1. Avoid damp places

Places with high humidity are not suitable for dried flowers because they can make dried flowers limp, damp, and moldy. You can store it in a dry and not humid place.

  1. Clean regularly

If your flowers look dirty and dusty, don’t wash them! Just remove the dust with a duster, brush, or air sprayer carefully to avoid damaging the flower arrangement. So that the dust on the dried flowers is not thick and becomes difficult to clean, make a schedule for cleaning your dried flowers every 3-4 days.

  1. Keep in box

Like forever flowers, you can also make dried flower creations stored in boxes.

In addition to keeping it durable, storing a series of dried or preserved flowers in a box will make these flowers look more beautiful and elegant.

  1. Don’t Store Dried Flowers in Plastic

Not only fresh flowers, dried flowers are also very fragile. To let dried flowers are not damaged, store flowers in boxes or in a vase. Do not keep them in plastic.

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The timeless philosophy conveyed by Preserved Flower makes this type of flower also a dream for birthday gifts. Birthday moments can be more meaningful by giving preserved flowers as birthday gifts. And the romantic relationship can be felt even more through Preserved Flowers as gifts.

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