Elevate your style with a stunning ring for men

Rings have always been a crucial part of fashion for centuries, and while men seem to hold back a bit on wearing different types of jewellery, a gold ring for men and other materials have stood the test of time. Throughout history, rings made from various materials have been worn on different fingers for style and tradition.

Rings suitable for each finger

A great thing about a ring for men is that you can wear them on any finger you want since there are no rules at all!

  1. Thumb ring for men

If you love wearing more than one ring, then a thumb ring is a good place to start. It’ll give you a unique look without making your hands look cluttered.

  1. Index finger ring for men

When you want your rings to stand out and be noticeable, the index finger can be perfect.

  1. Middle finger ring for men

A bulky ring for men on the middle finger can easily enhance your style, and you can always choose one that you like.

  1. Ring finger ring for men

The ring finger on the left hand mostly features the wedding ring. Though there are no rules to this, most people choose to wear the wedding ring on this finger.

  1. Pinky finger ring for men

Signet rings are mostly worn on pinky fingers and are something you could consider as well. Signet rings have been historically used to sign official and legal documents by pressing their surface into hot wax, making it look like an official seal.

Materials to make a ring for men

A ring for men can be made from many materials, but the most popular ones include:

  1. Gold ring for men

A gold ring for men has been very popular since traditional times and comes in many designs and styles to suit every taste. While yellow gold is the most common, it also comes in two other shades – white and rose. Apart from the appeal of these shades, they can also be bought to match the outfit and occasion.

  1. Platinum ring for men

Platinum is more valuable than gold and is another excellent option for a ring for men you could consider. Platinum is a dense and strong metal and is the ideal material for men who have a very active and outdoors lifestyle. Platinum is also an excellent material for featuring gemstones and diamonds.

  1. Silver ring for men

Silver, timeless and classic, is a beautiful metal for rings that is worth considering. Though these do not cost as much as gold and platinum, silver is still a beautiful metal perfect for stunning rings.

Gemstones used in rings for men

Gemstones can add a touch of glamour and class to any metal band and can help you accessorise your look more glamorous. A few common gemstones that you can find in a ring for men are:

  1. Diamonds

Diamonds are classic, beautiful, and royal and something you must own if you are fond of pretty looking things. A diamond ring for men is one of the most valuable pieces of jewellery out there that will not fail to accentuate your look.

  1. Rubies

Rubies, with a pinkish-red colour, are extraordinarily beautiful and have been around for centuries. These look amazingly stunning when mounted on gold, and these options for a ring for men are worth considering.

  1. Emerald

The green charm is another beautiful gemstone that will not fail to accentuate any jewellery. These pieces work perfectly in enhancing your traditional and casual look.

Jewellery trends come and go, but one specific piece of jewellery that seems to stand the test of time are rings. So, get yourself a few stylish rings now in different metal, design and weight options today!