Don’t Buy Coats Off The Rack

A good overcoat or evening jacket is not a cheap item of clothing. Not one that is well made and of a fine material. So why would you pay that amount of money for something off the rack that every man and his dog own, when you could get yourself a completely handmade designer original? 

Who is the designer? You! Custom overcoats and jackets are an item of clothing that will last you for years and being able to design something that is going to fit your needs and your body shape is simply priceless. 

Make It Fit

This is particularly important for men that are either taller or shorter than what is considered the average. A coat the fits across your shoulders will often not be long enough or will be too long. If you are tall and slim you will likely find that the size of the collar will be all wrong for you, while if you are a little shorter with a more muscular shape you will probably find that the collar on a coat designed to fit your width looks ridiculously large. 

Get Your Style

When you are looking at get your overcoat custom made you can look at different styles and fabric options, and then mix and match what it is that you want. 

Do you want a double-breasted topcoat that is lined? Should it have an inside pocket? Or maybe two? Would you like slanted side pockets? What style of collar should you get, and would you like this felted? Know more here: 

One of the things that people often neglect to think about when they are looking at custom made clothing is the option of monograms. Although this may seem a little old fashioned to some, you can make this a subtle detail that shows off your eye for detail to those in the know. 

You can also look at options like quilting to provide extra warm for a New York winter, while minimizing additional bulk. 

However, don’t think that you have to restrict yourself do only investing in an evening jacket, as sports jackets, trench coats, utility jackets and sports coats can all be custom made and fitted to your specific body shape. 

Getting The Wear From Your Coat

Even for someone who feels that they are a pretty standard shape, quite happy with buying off the rack at their local menswear retailer, being able to add the details that you find useful, practical, or simply stylish in a coat or jacket can certainly make the investment worthwhile. Yes, a coat that you purchased down the road may fit alright, but it is unlikely to also be in a fabric that feels good, and have enough pockets, and have lining that doesn’t rip, and is able to be done up comfortably. 

In the age when so many coats are using a plastic based polyester designed to look like wool felting, it is worth while to consider using a tailor that knows the property of wool felting for both keeping you warm, and for keeping you dry. Generally, the polyester fabrics might be treated so can stop a brief shower of rain, but you wouldn’t want to be caught with only this type of jacket in a snow flurry. They are not designed to keep you warm, particularly not once wet. 

What about buttons? There are so many options available on the market, yet the majority of men’s coats seem to all have the same beveled black plastic option, occasionally moving to a wooden toggle for some more sporty coats. 

Adding Flare

Although you may want a very sedate outer layer, there is nothing to stop you from lining (see here) your coat with your family tartan, paisley silk, or rainbow satin. You should, of course, talk with your tailor before getting your heart set on any particular style or fabric choice, as some styles are harder to source, and some fabrics simply won’t work very well as a lining, for a whole range of reasons. However, this is one of the reasons why you are going to get your coat made by a well respected tailor, to ensure that the finish item is not only going to be exactly what you wanted, but it will also last the distance, and function the way it should.