Buy the sunscreen for better protection of the skin:

Everyone loves summer and who doesn’t. Because summer is the time when people can hit the beach every day without any problem. But there is also one problem in the summer that people have to face. And that is the UV rays that directly comes from the sun. there are many types of problem can occur if someone is exposed in the UV rays for many times. Like the reediness on the skin, change in body cell and other problems too. these are some of the things that people should know. Before going out in the sun and enjoy their summer.

But these UV rays shouldn’t be a burden in order to enjoy the summer. And for that one can use sunscreen cream for themselves. So, that they can enjoy the summer very well without getting affected by the UV rays.

 Sunscreen cream for different skin types

The sunscreen cream comes for different types of skin. Like if someone has acne on their skin. Then there is also Sunscreen cream for acne skin type [ครีมกันแดดสําหรับคนเป็นสิว, which is the term in Thai] available in the market. Just use those things and enjoy the summer. And just like acne skin, there is also sunscreen cream available for sensitive skin too. So, that no one gets left behind in the house. While others are enjoying the summer by heading to the beach. Just use the sunscreen cream and enjoy the summer.

SPF50 will be the better option

For better UV protection buy those cream that has SPF50 in it. SPF50 means that only 2% of the UV rays will reach the skin. And in SPF 30 3% of the UV rays will reach to skin. So, use SPF50 for the sunscreen cream.