Birdini – Women Sandals Business That Took Footwear World by Storm


Creating a new vision or idea has always been difficult. Thousands of mixed emotions such as happiness, self-doubt, and uncertainty about if people would love your creations can sometimes be overwhelming. All these emotions made us grow so much, not only as young designers and business owners but as people.

Hearing positive feedback and how excited our customers are once they purchase and wear our products makes our hearts melt and makes small business owners feel that all those ups and downs were worth the effort.

That’s exactly how we felt when we were looking for a way to start our own lace up footwear label. At first, we didn’t necessarily have the dreams of becoming the world’s top brand.

But we always had a unique vision for our business. We just wanted to create something that would help women to take their style statement to another level with comfort and that’s exactly what we did with Birdini.

Keeping this in mind we started our journey with a small outlet in Montenegro. But destiny had decided something else for our business. We are now an established business, thanks to the trust and support of our customers, especially women from the different parts of the world that showed their faith in us.

Why Birdini?

The women are always in a dilemma about which shoes to wear with which outfit.

Birdini has answered that question beautifully, bringing every woman the most comfortable, chic, and customized pair of flats you will ever find!

The biggest secret of our success lies in the question itself. We come up with different ideas and innovative ways to satisfy our customers. Our fashion store has changed the game by introducing a new line of lace-up sandals. These sandals are made with high-quality materials and they are very affordable. You can choose your own bases as well as places to customize the perfect pair of summer sandals for you among the availability of a variety of color choices.

Now after so many years our business is one of the most successful sandals companies in the world, not just in Australia & Montenegro but the business is also putting its footprints in many European countries.

A Brief Overview Of Lace Up Sandals & How Birdini Came Up With a Unique Vision

Lace up sandals have been around for centuries and their history is fascinating. It is believed that the first lace up sandals were worn by ancient Egyptians. This is because there are many paintings and sculptures from this era that depict people wearing sandals with laces.

During the Middle Ages, lace up sandals fell out of fashion for some time. However, they made a comeback during the Renaissance period. This is because many people began to wear them as a way to show their wealth and status.

Today, lace up sandals are once again becoming popular.

So how did Birdini come up?

It was on one of our trips to South America, where Sanja (Co-Founder) noticed some local women who had worn sandals that were wrapped and different women had tied them uniquely.

This ignited her creative mind, what if you had a pair of sandals, that can be worn in multiple ways and with different outfits to bring an element of uniqueness to your look.

The idea worked out and now when it comes to interchangeable lace-up sandals, the name Birdini comes first in mind. When it comes to fashion, Birdini is a store that completely changes the game. This women’s sandal store has been a major success story, and it has completely revolutionized the way that fashion is approached.

The store is known for its unique approach to fashion, and it offers a wide variety of styles that are perfect for any occasion. The store also offers a wide range of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your feet.

Our business has become so successful that it has even been featured in magazines and on television. The store is definitely a must-visit for anyone who loves fashion.

Takeaway From Our Business Success

If you’re an entrepreneur, then Birdini is definitely someone you should look up to. This business is an inspiration for anyone who wants to start their own business and achieve great things. So if you’re feeling motivated to start your own company, this is the right time to think out of the box and create a new idea.

In the end I would like to conclude by saying that anyone can achieve great things if they’re willing to do anything. So if you’re feeling motivated to start your own company, then go for it!