Beauty Strategies of the Bible The Review

Beauty Secrets and also the Bible – The Traditional Arts of Beauty and Scent by Ginger root Garrett

Within this book, author Ginger root Garrett introduces women towards the health and beauty strategies of our ancient siblings. While couple of people would consider the Bible like a book of diet or health, significantly less beauty, Garrett shows us otherwise. She claims that ancient women were built with a similar desire as modern women do in order to be as attractive as they possibly can. She exposes details concerning the beauty and health industry that are presently more and more worried about: the products we slather on the skin every day are not only seen unregulated, but they are frequently toxic and unsafe.

As a substitute, she offers recommendations and strategies for beauty treatments which are straight from the pages from the Bible. They’re so simple they appear almost too good to be real. For instance, one drop of honey on moist skin rather of costly moisturizers. Interestingly, that one tip is suggested with a hot Hollywood makeup artist!

It will a good job of utilizing modern scientific evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of those simple treatments. For example, vinegar was a standard feature of ancient occasions. Now that we know that vinegar helps your body have a stable bloodstream sugar and slows the absorption of carbohydrates. Another example is flax, which featured heavily within the diets of ancient women. Flax functions being an anti-inflammatory, that has the result of slowing aging.

The very first chapter from the book helps the readers to reevaluate her current ideas around beauty by utilizing scripture and meditation. This area of the book might not appeal to you if you’re not religious, however it could enable you to get considering today’s cultural ideals around beauty.

Chapter Two will get towards the heart of why a lot of women have weight loss, and how to handle it. Chapter Three suggests the risks of contemporary cosmetic ingredients and Chapters Four through Seven provides you with safer, natural alternatives and recipes for totally safe yet health spa worthy beauty regimens. To top if off, she offers instructions regarding how to host a Bible Strategies of the Bible health spa party. If you value to create your personal beauty treatments, you’ll love this book.