A Few Tips to Match Any Watch with Your Dress

Among men, most of them limit their jewellery wearing only to rings. This means a watch will be simply an expression of men’s personality. Any best mens watches are quite sophisticated, simple, versatile, and classic. Therefore, knowing how to match their watch with the outfit is important.

The style of any watch that a man will choose to wear must match the formality of his outfit. In this article, we will discuss all that you must know to select any mens watches the UK from the House of Watches that will be the perfect watch for you.

  1. Does the event formality dictate the formality of your watch?

There are many different varieties of watches available on the market, and each of them suits certain special events:

  • Dress watches
  • Diver’s watches
  • Sports watches
  • Pilot or flyer watches
  • Field Watches

Each of these watches will suit while participating on certain special occasions as their name suggests. 

  1. Whether leather watches should match with your shoes or belt?

Often ladies’ watches are chosen by women keeping in view of what they are going to wear, although men are not so specific about it. However, if you are choosing your watch with a leather belt, then it will be nice to match the watch leather with the leather of either your shoes or the belts worn by you. 

  1. How should you wear your metal watch bands?

You can prefer to choose your metal case of the watch so that you can complement the other metal accents present within your other accessories. Your case can be anything like rectangular, square, round, and polygonal. 

You can choose the metal finish on your case as shiny, matte, inlaid, patterned, or with crystals or some other jewels.

  1. How should you match your heirloom watches to your dress?

Usually, they are worn as your good-luck charm or also as a memory of their original owner. Any heirloom watch may not always follow the matching rules with your dresses and clothes.

  1. If in doubt, then match the watch with your shoes

Generally, black is dressier; however, that does not make it your default right choice. Often you may wear brown shoes that can be your better choice. Often interchangeable leather bands can be helpful here, like one in black and the other in brown for each watch.

  1. Choose the right case and dial style.

Usually, most cases are metallic or plastic made that look almost like metal, and many of them will certainly prefer the former. 

  1. The movement of your watch hands

The mechanical movement is usually wound internally to maintain by unwinding and winding the spring inside. The mechanical watches will need periodic winding. Automatic movements are mechanical, too and need no winding.

These days, the electronic movement uses quartz and offers an accurate time. These days, there are abundant choices available when it comes to wristwatch selection. So, depending on your taste, occasion and budget, choose one. Take your time to look around and wear one that defines your style.