6 Meaningful Moments In Life That Deserve Celebration


It’s not new for us to celebrate bigger and widely popular occasions only inclusive of birthdays, anniversaries, so on and so forth. It is habitual and contemporary. We aren’t saying to stop celebrating these special ones after all; they are what shape our lives. Our idea is to put in a few more reasons for lavish celebrations to make 365 days more happy and more meaningful. Even if you count out all weekends, holidays and festivals, it isn’t enough to celebrate and will never be, sore a few more days acquainted in this regime of celebrations. Hence discussing all the other reasons you can use to celebrate by placing an online cake order in Delhi, meet your friends, laugh your heart out and make life more meaningful. 

  • Break up with an unsuitable boy

you probably don’t know, but your best friend sure does. He or she is probably seeing right through your girl or girl from the moment you too decide to get together. And for an apparent reason, they have been pointing their unusual habits out to you, but you just can’t trust unless you have seen for yourself. Well not that it’s done they are the happiest t, and you should seriously celebrate. 

  • To announce your crush to your parents

In the era of democracy and freedom as we speak loudly and every day we still are cowardly cats when it comes to telling our parents about our crush even when we flaunt about them as the coolest parents ever. Although, if you have found the courage to tell them who you love and why, celebrate with a cake and yes call him or her too. 

  • For the kid who wouldn’t go in the waters

Kids learn on their own times, and it’s important for us to understand we can’t always rush them. So, for instance, your kids finally lay off the fear of water and jump in to have a swim, you must celebrate this joyous occasion for it’s these limited moments that count only. And not just this, any small or big accomplishment your child does can be celebrated with meaningful photo cakes, for example. 

  • The first little thing your kid does 

Taking the first steps, discovering toes, knowing how to smile, observing colours are all stages of a kid’s development which we don’t look for so keenly and let go even when it happens. It is what’s common, but you can make it outstanding by celebrating with little cupcakes or cakes to acknowledge the effort and growth of your child and click pictures to make a cute scrapbook for the kid to see when they grow up. 

  • The first paycheck 

The first paycheck no matter how small is always an accountable moment, it’s when you discover your responsibility and find that strand of strength and independence that earlier was missing. Usually, you wouldn’t buy yourself anything but spend it on your loved ones to buy then presents and share this credible moment, but you can order a cake for your accomplishment which is what you can celebrate with everyone else as well. 

  • Celebrating weekdays and weekends

If we are talking about celebrating days to make the whole 365 days better why do we have to stick with moments that come maybe twice a year, let’s go for a regular occurrence, a weekend or a weekday. You need no excuse here, all you can do is say you were stressed, you were happy, hungry, exhausted, or in a mood of celebration obviously, you can’t always keep waiting for the perfect moments. 

Celebrations are not that far fetched a dream, it’s about our desire to make that happen, and we do owe to do it from now onwards.