3 reasons why you should get a full lace hair system

If you’re on the lookout for a new men’s toupee, human hair wig or human hair topper, a full lace hair system may be the best option for you as far as base material is concerned. Why is this the case instead of a skin base or monofilament hair system?

We provide three reasons why you should get a full lace hair system.

Natural looking

Natural looking lace hair system

Out of all the base materials available, full lace bases are the most natural looking by far. This is because the material essentially looks invisible on your scalp which provides for not only a natural looking front hairline, but a natural looking scalp overall.

That means when you wear a lace unit, the chances are your friends, family and peers will not be able to tell you’re wearing a hair system in the first place!

Comfort level

Lace systems also provide plenty of comfort. With a light to medium hair density, they are not only lightweight and very soft which makes them extremely comfortable and a popular option for many looking at non-surgical hair replacement systems, but they are also breathable. This means they provide ventilation which is beneficial for those in warmer regions or those who are active or play sports.

Come with enhanced options

Another benefit of a full lace system is that it comes with options, mainly a French lace or a Swiss lace. With French lace units, they are less natural looking but provide added durability which is useful for those who want to wear their lace systems for long periods of time, especially as lace systems aren’t as durable in general compared to a mono base.

The Swiss lace, on the other hand, is the opposite by providing an even more natural look but lacking the durability of the French lace.


If your main preferences for a hairpiece is that it’s natural looking, comfortable and breathable, a full lace hair system is the best choice for you!


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