How to select and order the best custom T-Shirt?

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Are you interested in ordering the best custom T-shirts? Then you are in the right place. Ordering a customized T-shirt can be challenging, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Whether you require T-shirts for individual use, family, a company, or organization, there are processes that you need to follow to complete your purchase. Here is a guide that will help you to get High-Quality Custom T-Shirts. Below are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Gathering the Information

When you want to order High-Quality Custom T-Shirts, first, you need to gather the necessary information required in the purchase. Such information might include:

The number of T-shirts you want to buy: Most companies have a minimum order for specific T-shirts. Depending on the design, you need to inquire if your order reaches the minimum number of T-shirts produced at a particular time.

The Style of the T-shirt you are looking for: There are different T-shirts, depending on use. There are softer and comfortable styles for starting up a brand, breathable T-shirts for restaurant employees, and the cost-effective T-shirts for promotions used by companies or non-profit organizations.

Artwork, if any: You need to check if you have your artwork ready, if any, before ordering one. If you want plain ones, you can skip the process, but if you do and are not prepared, there are several ways you can create one.

Lead time: When are the T-shirts required? For your Custom T-shirts, you need to give proper lead-time to provide the company with ample time to complete your order. Different companies have different turnaround times for specific orders.

Step 2: Review the Order

After coming up with a decision to make an order for the High-Quality Custom T-Shirts, it’s time you review the order. You can check your order by going through the below checklist:

 •    Do the color and style correspond with what you are looking for?

 •    Do sizes in the quote match with what you ordered?

 •    Are the prints and locations put on correctly?

 •    Is the company shipping it to you, or will you pick it up?

 •    If it’s shipping it to you, have you provided the right address?

 •    Does the due date correspond with the time you requested?

 •    Are the orders fees exact with your quote?

Before finalizing the review, you need to seek clarification if there are any hidden fees regarding your order before approving your quote.

Step 3: Make the Deposit

After approving your quote, some companies may require you to make some deposit of the order. The rest of the payment is made upon completion of the order or when you receive it. You can make payments through credit cards, cash, or through checks depending on the company policy. You need to confirm with the company first before making payments.

After confirming the order and making the deposit, you need to wait for the formal proof. Formal proof usually comes within 48 hours after making the initial deposit. Once you receive your confirmation, usually sent through email, you must go through it carefully before approving it. The things you need to check to include:

 •    The T-shirts design

 •    Product colors

 •    Matching print colors, if any

 •    Placement

 •    Dimensions

 •    Spellings and any grammar mistakes

 •    Any other details

If you are not sure of your size, you can use a tape measure or ruler to measure any of your garments to see how the size will be. Once the order gets approved, it gets done according to the proof details.

You also need to go through the invoice and check the following:

 •    The correct number of T-shirts gets listed on your invoice.

 •    There are correct sizes and quantities, as requested.

 •    The Proof matches with your invoice.

 •    You need to understand your size and print.

 After confirming everything, you can go ahead and approve the proof.

Step 4: Receiving your Order

After submitting everything, you need to relax for a while as you wait for the message confirming your order is complete. You can confirm going to pick your custom T-shirts or have them delivered as per your address. The former is ideal if you come near the manufacturer.

Picking an order requires you to provide your identification details and the order number. You need to pay the remaining balance before picking up your order and leaving the store. Before leaving, you can briefly check your order to confirm if everything looks okay.

The above are the simple steps you can use to order your high-quality Custom T-shirt. Following the above steps will give you confidence and great experience, especially if you are the first time client. If you are ready to place your first order, visit Printing Apes, and begin ordering. You can also share the experience with people you trust, like your family members, neighbors, coworkers, and friends.